Clips from “The Didi Glitz Show” (1981)

Priority Pie

Didi Glitz explains her life’s “Priority Pie”

Rubberware Party & Song

Hoping to make some quick cash, Didi Glitz invites her friends over for a “Rubberware Party”.

Clip from Les Nickelettes Appearance on “The Gong Show” (1979)

Clips from Les Nickelettes “Spaced Out” (1980)

Special Spice

We begin at the Intergalactic House of Kelp where Dede Dayglow (Amazonia in disguise) serves up an antidote (Special Spice) to undo the effect of Ella Vader’s evil Mind Control Drug.

Talk Dirty to Me.

Meet Ella Vader and her Android henchman W-2. She’s Mad! She’s Bad! She’s Ella Vader!

When You Touched My Hand

Reggie Von Veggie in hyperspace longing for his forbidden love, Amazonia.


Megalomaniacs can’t get no satisfaction. Ella Vader in “Satisfied”.

Phone call for Ella Vader

“Hello, Darth, is that you?”

On Assignment

Megalomaniacs need loyal henchmen to carry out their dastardly deeds. Ella Vader has one in W-2. From Les Nickelettes “Spaced Out” 1980.

Journey Into Hyperspace

MORE SPACED OUT… Ah, we finally meet Amazonia (aka Dede Dayglow), intrepid leader of the Space Cadets – rebels intent on overthrowing the dastard regime of Ella Vader. Join Amazonia in her “Journey into Hyperspace”. Can anyone get more spaced out?

Android Love Duet at the Android Recharge Center

Girl Android meets boy Android. Sparks fly!!! More from Spaced Out

Mama Song

Amazonia and the Space Cadets call on the energy of Big Mama (Yerba Buena). Spaced Out 1980

Artists Bother Me

“Artists Bother Me”. Sinister Ella Vader uses Mind Control Drug to dominate the masses. “Spaced Out” 1980.

25th Century

Back to the adventures of “Spaced Out” …”Ella Vader, the Space Cadets will get you yet!” says Amazonia. Living in the 25th Century, Amazonia and the Space Cadets break the chains because they don’t want no chains on their brains.

Explanation of the Impregnation

Despite Ella Vader’s sinister insemination banks that collect daily sperm supplies from all male citizens, and her edict that forbids natural conception, Amazonia discovers that she’s pregnant. This calls for an Explanation of the Impregnation.

Babble Battle

Ella Vader and Amazonia meet face-to-face for the first time in a scintillating Babble Battle. This ultimatum will decide the fate of Califia. Who will win? It may not be pretty.

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Kook City Slideshow

Second and Third wave Les Nickelettes 1975 – 1985

Nickelodeon Slideshow

Early Nickelettes 1972 – 1974

Clips from Les Nickelettes “Peter Pan: A New Wave Fairytale” 1979

I’m Ready For Love

Picture This

Meet V.D. The Pirate Queen and her manager Sylvie Snatch

Fairy Dust

You can fly on Fairy Dust

The Battle of the Bands

Who will win the Battle of the Bands at Never Never Land?

Magic’s in the Air

And now for some real magic.

From Camp Performance 1977: “Fairy’s Lament”

Fairy’s Lament. “Every fairy knows when you mess around with mortals you get hurt.”